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Bringing the Spirit of Michael Chekhov into the 21st Century!
In life, and in any true piece of art, the beginning and end are, or should be, polar in principle. In art, as in life, we begin to evaluate, to understand and experience things differently if we see them in the light of true contrasts.
— Michael Chekhov


Michael Chekhov Training Intensives

Winter Training - Gainesville FL over New Year's Holiday

Summer Training - Las Cruces, NM 1st week ofJUNE


Teacher Certification Track - 7-Days


Actor Track - 6-Days

Focus on the full Chekhov Chart for Inspired Acting

Application: Scenes, Improvisation, teaching structure, scene analysis, and synthesis with the audience.

Theater Intensive FAQ

Deeper by Demand

Will not be produced in Summer 2022

New advanced training opportunity for

Actors, Teachers

Only for ALUMNI of any Chekhov Training Intensive


The 12-Day Event:    (Price Includes CTI + Deeper - $100)
Teacher EarlyBird Price - $1640
Teacher Regular Price - $1840
Actor EarlyBird Price - $1340
Actor Regular Price - $1540
College Student EarlyBird Price - $1190
College Student Regular Price - $1390
The 7-Day Event: (Price includes Teacher Day + Deeper by Design)
EarlyBird Price - $745
Regular Price - $895
The 5-Day Event: (Price includes Deeper by Design Only)
EarlyBird Price - $595
Regular Price - $745